Monday, March 13, 2017

Write it Down, Make it Plain

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The ladies and I with their Vision Books!
2017 is moving so fast, it's already March!!!
I have to tell you guys about my 2nd event! Yep, my 2nd!! I had wanted to do a vision board party but...everyone does those! So of course I had to do something a tad different. My girl Mya suggested I do a vision BOOK party. Well what exactly did I want to do, is what I had to figure out! I did a little research and some planning and yes, Write it down, Make it pain with Crysy Allyson was born!
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Yes Erykah!!!
The vision book I created is different from a vision board because I placed more focus on goal setting and planning. Where a vision board is more cut out pics and just paste them to a board. I wanted to actually "work" on what you want to manifest in your life! Do some thinking...some know?
So I created this cute little workbook (which will be available for purchase) that covers they key areas of our lives and planning and setting goals for each. There are pages to "update" your goal setting process as well as identifying what you may need to work on. We did do a little cutting and pasting for our covers,  so each lady got to be a bit creative. The good thing about the covers, is that you can go back and change and add as you like! Vision boards are so "permanent"!
I believe that it is important that we work on ourselves while asking God(the universe, Allah, Buddha or whomever you worship) to make things happen in our lives. We must make moves on our own as well!

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Working on their covers!

I am so humbled by this experience. I have ladies attend that just found my event on eventbrite and Facebook ads! They didn't even know me and wanted to attend! Social media followers that I had never met! This was awesome on so many levels, y'all. I look forward to connecting with many wonderful ladies in the future! I'm already thinking of my next event! As well as looking for other events and women to support!!!!
 Ok so, the bad news is, if you weren't missed an awesome time. Good news is....I'm doing one EVERY year! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I definitely suggest you join me at the next one!
make sure to connect with me on social media to keep up with me!
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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Change...

Hey guys!
It has totally been on my heart to update you guys on my journey. What journey you ask? Well, my journey on the road to freedom, of course! The event that I put together last December was REALLY just the beginning!
To be able to let go of things...accept things...and change things for the betterment of CRYSY, has been a life changing experience to say the least. The things I used to  do, places I used to go, a few of the people I used to associate with...No longer appeal to me! Honey, Crysy used to be in the club 4 nights out of the week! Now..IF I go out, I'm like, "Where's the food?"
Let's go eat or let's go to church! Feed my body or my soul! LOL
Wednesday night was a party night for me. Now, you can catch me at Lakewood!(You're welcome to join me)
At the end of every service at Lakewood church, they say "Give us 1 year of your life, you'll never be the same." Last night, when John Gray said that...I realized IT'S TRUE! Last year this time, I was NOT the person I am. Granted, 2016 was definitely a year of transformation for me, attending Lakewood over the years has definitely changed me.
Oh, and he's NOT done with me yet! (insert praise break)
I've come to realize that, as a result of  a variety of happenings throughout my life, I have subconsciously conditioned myself to think, act and do certain things.
The bitter single woman that used to go IN on the "losers" she met, has been in a relationship for a minute now! Only AFTER, I was able to look at MYSELF and realize, It was ME! 
Stinkin' thinkin' as Pastor Remus Wright says. As the saying goes though, "When you know better, you do better". I'm thankful that I can make adjustments where needed. I'm thankful that God has chosen me to share my journey with you all and inspire you in ways that I've never even imagined. Most of all, I am thankful that I am walking into my purpose and being who God called me to be.
There is a quote that says, "When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you." As I go through this transformation, I've met some awesome people and done some great things. Most of which, I have never imagined myself doing. That is because my mind and heart were in the wrong places!  When I tell you things have worked out for me in ways, I've never even thought of! God has blessed me all of my life, but I look at things differently now that I am more so seeking to do things in God's will.
To be totally honest, changing is NOT easy! But, it's necessary!  Some days I get discouraged and distracted. I've lost friends and don't even know why! I'm not invited to participate in certain business related things. Out with "friends". Things don't work out how I want them to. For whatever reason. Hey, it bothers me, but I can't let any of that get me off track! The enemy uses those things to take your focus off of the bigger picture. I'm exactly where I am supposed to be, doing what I should, with who I should. Seasons change! I just have to be ready when they do!
 I can't give up. I've come too far. Seriously. I'm not supposed to be here. The devil has had it in for me for awhile. God has kept me on more than one occasion, do you hear me!? Like, Held.It.DOWN POP style! LOL
 There are people that probably look at the things I post and say on social media in can SHE post all that stuff about church and God?
Shoot, why NOT me?
If he can do it for me... if he can pull ME out of such a dark place... he can definitely do it for YOU!
The struggle is real, but so is God! Ok!!!??

Until next time,
Walk in faith, live in victory.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Working Woman Wednesday: Jasmine Berry

Hey,  Hey, Heyyyy! 
It's Wednesday, barely....but hey(blame the weather <insert cough>)!!!! 
But's February! Doesn't it feel like we were just picking out those New Year's Eve outfits, right??? Time is fly-ing! Seriously! 

Welp, in an effort to keep these wonderful working women flowing, I present to you Ms. Jasmine Berry! 

Jasmine is a fellow blogger babe currently living in Dallas, TX. Jasmine is goofy, crazy and ambitious and thank God for that, because I met her at one of those networking

 events where I wasn't networking.....(insert side eye).

Jasmine does business under her childhood nickname, Spookieloo, which she says fits her brand because it's "Quirky, interesting and smart". While working on expanding and building her brand, Jasmine is living the post grad life  as well as working as a freelance online marketer and social media specialist (currently at a children's non profit; Carter's House). 
On, Jasmine blogs about plus size fashion, body positivity, travel and inspiration. She started her business as a blogger 5 years ago, which stemmed from a visit from the Houston Fashion Bloggers group in her sophomore year of college. Jasmine said, "I knew I wanted to do something with writing and fashion/style, so my interest level raised 1000%. From that point on, I researched and eventually joined the group (member for 3 years). HFB was a huge part of my blog life and it propelled me to do what I love. To this day, I am friends with most of the members and appreciate all their help in getting me to this point."
Jasmine is motivated by life, saying " Every day that I am blessed with keeps me going. If I can inspire and reach one person with my blog, I've done my job.

Jasmine gets many requests and referrals for social media management consultations,She says, "I absolutely LOVE doing it! I'm helping someone else do what I love!"

What she does want to do over the next few years is, " Become a full-time paid fashion and lifestyle blogger, working with big-brand companies and also continuing my consulting services more. I would love to work with Dove Soap as a partner too, I'm speaking it into existence. I would also like to teach other young people on becoming an entrepreneur, I feel that my career is headed in that direction."

You can follow Jasmine on Instagram @Spookieloo28 and get to know more about her and the services she offers
Also, if you or any women you know would like to be featured please email me

Until next time
Walk by faith, live in victory

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Working Woman Wednesday: Rita Givens

Hey ya'll HEY!!!

It's 2017! Happy (Late) New Year!!!! 
What do you guys have planned this year?? I definitely plan on featuring more wonderful working women this year!!! I have an awesome line up for the next few weeks! 
One woman can make a difference, together we can rock the world! 

My first gem of the year is, Rita Givens. Rita is a fellow blogger and business woman with a line of wearable inspirational quotes! You can find her website/blog at  EnHERgy Unleashed ( and Positivity + Purpose is her online boutique.  Yes for inspiration! I actually followed her on Instagram after reading one of her inspiring blog posts and didn't even know she lives right in Houston!! My friend suggested her for the WWW posts and I was like, Hey I follow her! 

Anyway, Rita is awesome! She describes herself as, "A soul whose intentions are good." I believe that! 
Rita is a native of Natchez, MS and has been in Houston about 18 years. Rita, has had a career in corporate America, but says that "something" was nagging her to be more purposeful. Working in the corporate structure began to affect her health on every level and one day she cried out and prayed for change. She toggled back and forth for a variety of reasons, but after a surprise lay off, she was forced to "boss up".  In that moment I realized that the determination and hard work I had been using to grow other companies should be applied to my own, she said.
Currently, Rita says she " I'm soul journeying, and painting outside the lines."
She has been in business since October 2016. She has always been nudged by the universe to find a way to spread her positive quotes and inspirational sayings. Her initial goal was to write a book, but she felt the urge to do something different so she jokingly said she would "throw" her words on some shirts... and Positivity + Purpose was born.

As for what motivates Rita, she says, "My ultimate motivation is to encourage people to find their true purpose and believe in their abilities to manifest their biggest dreams. After a life of conditioned reactions and responses, sometimes you're forced to submit to the life the creator planned. I was living in a state of discomfort, because I thought my life was centered around being a good worker. The discomfort became too much and I needed to do what felt true to my soul. "

Where Inspiration and inspiring others is truly important to me, Rita says, "I am inspired by my hope for a more enlightened humanity. I am inspired by spreading love and light to each person I meet. I think it's important to show genuine kindness with gratitude for simply being alive." How awesome is that??? We definitely need more women in society that build US up instead of tearing us down.

The best selling item(s) from the Positivity + Purpose line is the "Thick Thighs & Positive Vibe" tees and tanks. Ya'll know I love a good statement tee!! I have to order one SOON! Of course I'll share when I do.
With so many other statement tee lines, Rita differentiates her brand by focusing on quality and respect for her customers. Her intention is to spread positivity and love to anyone who has weathered the experiences of life and still choose to actively aim higher everyday.
By reading this, I'm sure that Rita seems like some type of spiritual goddess, lol. There is something that she wants us to know about her, though. She says, "I want them to know that I'm not special. I'm just being brave enough to allow my soul to guide me in this moment of much needed direction, and I am hopefully using my gifts purposely.
In the future, Rita plans to grow her brand by extending it to a mentorship program for underprivileged teens. The program will give them a creative outlet and encourage their entrepreneurial spirits.
Rita's plans are to, "continue walking the path of purpose and spread love with each blog, book, or product that leaves my care. I am aiming for the sky."

I'm definitely here for all this awesomeness Rita is dishing out!!! I am certain that you cross paths with people for a reason and Rita and I crossing paths will be GREAT! I already have ideas, so stay tuned!!!

In the meantime, check out Rita's blog EnHERgy Unleashed as well as Positivity + Purpose merchandise on her website :

Until next time, walk in faith & live in victory 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Bel Dam Beauty Box

 Hey ya'll hey!!!
It is definitely Working Woman Wednesday!!! We're going to do it a little different this week! I want to share something new with you from one of my fellow #girlboss !  
When blogger and influencer, Starr Howard initially contacted me to review her "Bel Dam Beauty Box", I was too excited. My 1st official product review as a blogger! I prayed for business increase, new associations and opportunities. Look a GOD!
The Bel Dam Beauty box is a quarterly (produced every quarter of a year/4 months) subscription box, that includes a variety of beauty, fashion, home and lifestyle products....products all from black businesses! How awesome is that!?
The idea of the Bel Dam beauty box was conceived after the creator, Starr completed a life changing mission trip to Haiti. Starr was inspired by her experience and the beauty of the Haitian women.
"Bel Dam", means beautiful lady in Haiti's native language, Creole.
With a variety of other subscription boxes available for purchase, Starr wanted to make products available to black women that catered specifically to their skin tones, hair types and cultural style. Also, in an effort to introduce small black owned business to consumers, the idea of the beauty box came about.
I am honored that I was chosen to sample and review the box and its contents!
It came its a nicely sized and packaged box with its name and web address on it, the gold tissue paper was super cute as well as the pink envelope with business cards and inserts from all included companies.

This box includes:
  • A partial coverage head wrap from  Coily Girls head wraps. Super cute and colorful! Although I don't have coily hair, my mom does and she ROCKS it! Sorry, she doesn't like taking pics! I'll try to sneak one and share!

  • A "Jamaica Me Crazy"scented soy candle from Soyful Aromas that smells AWESOME!!! It literally had my apartment smelling like a tropical getaway! Get me to some blue water and white sand, please!

  • A 3 step skin care shaving set from Camellia Alise. I don't grow a lot of hair on my body. Not even to shave a leg, child. But I did try this system on my little fuzz and my legs were so smooth and soft after! 

  • A "Lemongrass"scented soap from Sew Forgiven that I used to wash my face. Had my skin feeling so soft and clean!

  • A Strand By Strand hair detangling comb from Zayd's Naturally Natural Hair Studio . I used this on my son, who has naturally coily hair. He doesn't like to comb it because it's usually hard to...but this comb from Zayd's has him combing like he had long straight tresses! LOL

  • A pair of stud earrings from Adornments boutique, these earrings were super cute! I'm normally a big(no, huge) earring type of gal but these were small, yet still POPPIN how I like!

  • A small exfoliating sponge that I used with my lemongrass soap from Sew Forgiven. I usually don't use sponges BUT... I like this one!

  • A statement tee that says  "Joy comes in the morning". I love a good statement tee! It's black and white so you can play with this and dress it up or down with various fun colors! I styled it super cute too. I will definitely share!

This box is much needed in "Our" community! Full of items made especially for us, by US! Most subscription boxes are centered on type one product like makeup, hair, or jewelry(often times full of items WE can't really use)...BUT the variety offered in the Bel Dam Beauty box is awesome! I will say my fav items were the tee and the candle! I cant wait to share with you guys how I styled it! Ladies, make sure you are signed up to receive the next box! You don't wanna miss out! You can sign up here 
You can also purchase from each company individually! I have attached a link to each one. Shop with them and tag me in your pics!
Have a fab hump day!  


Monday, December 26, 2016

The Road to Freedom

"On the other side of fear, is freedom"
Man, isn't that the truth! As I posted in a previous post, I planned and put together a cute little women's empowerment event, The Road to Freedom"
I have NEVER done anything like that! I stepped completely out of my comfort zone(and out on FAITH) with this one, guys! I actually asked people for help and advice, something I NEVER do.
When I started planning this event, I kept getting little signs from everywhere that THIS is what I am supposed to be doing. A random man at church said to me, "I want to encourage you sister, to keep using your voice to encourage others". They way everything fell together and ended up being exactly what I prayed for(and more) though...nothing but GOD!
My beautiful speakers and myself
I had women come and share their unique stories(as well as myself). Each of these women have inspired me with their stories and  KNEW  that they would inspire they ladies that attendedI had goal planning exercises and activities to prepare to have a better 2017. I'm still getting great feedback from the attendees as well as the speakers a whole week later! The ladies realized things about themselves, they were able to set personal goals and plans to better themselves. Shoot, one of my speakers was so liberated by speaking, she cut her hair off and began her natural hair journey! All of the women that attended enjoyed themselves and came away with SOMETHING new! The fact that we could all be transparent and help one another was awesome.  We laughed, cried, shared and
bonded. Exactly what I wanted! What an awesome way to end one year and go into another!

One of the attendees, posted an activity we did
When I initially, started planning the event, I said that if I had 15 women attend, I'd be ok. Then I said 20. Well, I ended up with almost 30 women that registered! Look at GOD! Every thing I normally would have worried about, God worked it out! From the venue down to my handouts. I had no idea that the ladies would take so much from a handout (I wasn't going to do one) and one of my coworkers suggested that I do. We had yummy Jambalaya from Shawnie of HouOrleans Cuisine, and other light bites including some tasty cupcakes ....and a little cocktail! LaTai of Honey Shoots was in the building capturing some great shots!
Look out Iyanla!!! lol
Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous or scared putting it together. I thought about what I would say and it literally came to me RIGHT as I was speaking to the ladies. I knew that God would give me the words to say and of course he did!
I am SO thankful and overjoyed that my event came out the way that it did. Even though this is something that has been on my mind, I never imagined myself actually putting together a whole event alone AND speaking and being transparent in front of a full room of women! There is something about being free and fearless that is actually CALMING.
The ladies are asking for a part 2. Of course there will be a part 2! I'm definitely not stopping now! This is JUST the beginning, baby!
I've had men ask for an event too! Who knew!
I found my purpose in this. To Encourage. Inspire. and Empower.
Yes, I still love fashion. Yes, I will still be a stylist. But what's a beautiful lady in a bad outfit, if she's ugly, bruised, bitter, angry and/or broken on the inside?
I will definitely keep you posted on upcoming events!
Make sure you're following me on Instagram here as well as
Facebook here

Have a Marvelous Monday!
The ladies and I. My heart is SO full!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Event: My Stories Show Premiere

Hey Y'all!!!

It's Wednesday! I'm sharing something new with you guys!
Houston has it's own soap opera!!! Yes, you read that right! A soap opera!!
Future media mogul Mz Cat TV(in association with Restored Entertainment) has created and produced an awesome soap opera, titled "My Stories".

Myself with the writers

Written by this killer writing trio; Catina Hunt, Felicia Lamb & Erickk Waters, the show is created around 4 African American women who grew up as sisters in the foster care system. My Stories follows each woman and their individual story. Each woman is VERY different as far as their style and personality. They have interesting stories that people can identify with.p; They series will deal with a variety of problems we all face with the extra added suspense, drama, eyebrow raises and side
eyes, lol.
This episode was full of action, if you blinked you may have missed something!
I know that Ms Cat held a few casting calls, and she did a great job with her cast from the adorable little girls that had roles, the supporting cast, to the main 5 characters. Everyone did a great job! A few of them hadn't done any previous acting and you couldn't tell! Really enjoyed this first episode and cant wait until the next!

On the big screen!

I was able to attend the first episode premiere at the fabulous River Oaks theater, I've never been to an event there. This theater has a balcony inside for extra seating and this crowd packed it out!  The people really came out for this event!
There was a red carpet for arrivals, walk thrus and photos. Media was in attendance as well!
The function was a great one, but I didn't expect anything less from Mz Cat TV! You'l see "My Stories" on a cable channel near you SOON, but I saw it first! 

My Stories cast and crew